emotional wreakk

I don’t like this feeling. It feels horrible, it just feels so sour. I don’t know what should I say. It feels so indiffierent. I could not sleep. It just continued to disturb me, I knew I was affected by it… I thought about it 


When I do share with you, it feels so natural. The hugs you give me, keeps me feeling safe, which I never felt for a really long time. I knew that God has found ways to bring us together , this time closer 🙂


I may have casually mentioned, theres a fear when you become unsure of how you are feeling towards your friend. Fearing that what is felt wouldn’t be mutual, fearing to ruin a friendship. Its too precious to lose this. You both have became so close, sharing the deepest abyss of your heart. Opened yourself up to each other, knowing that you would be there for each other. When all of a sudden, emotions/ feelings just start to creep in. 


I have a lot thats on my mind, I just want to get out of this emotional wreak I am in. How the hell did this happen? I want to protect myself. I want to. Never thought that this would hit me so quickly. 


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