Wesson , Joshiey, Gerard :)



Baby Wesson,

Wesson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Monday, November 13th.  He was immediately flown to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls where he underwent two rounds of chemotherapy. His cancer did not respond to treatment and we were referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. Wesson has been taken to a mismatched haploidentical stem cell transplant. It is a high risk aggressive form of transplant, but one of the few options left in order to rid him of his cancer.


It really reminds me of Joshiey, Koala. 

It must have been so difficult for him to accept them, filled with immerse anger and hatred for God. ‘Why me Lord, why me’. Why now. What did I do to deserve such a tragic condition. I can totally visualise Joshiey, just walking around with the chemo machine, with a mask on. Feeling so upset, with no one to turn to. The few friends he has, kept comforting him but that was not enough. There might not be someone who was able to hear his pain. Looking at himself in the mirror, seeing the shape, colour, hair that he has slowly decreasing. How upset and angry he must have felt. As I am typing this reflection, putting myself in his shoes. I may never be able to understand and grasp what he has endured. But truly, this man is my HERO. I am so grateful to God for giving him a second chance with life, to pull through the ordeals. He could have died, his body could have rejected the transplant and died of a relapse like Nicholas. But he didn’t… How much Grace has God been bestowing onto him. It is tremendous.

Though I will miss him when he fly in Feb 2013, and will be back 4 years later when we are 27 years old.

Truly, this is the time which God has chose to bring us closer together as friends. For now, I have been cherishing each moment we spend our time together. It has been an extremely blissful ride. Till then, I can’t wait for Jesus to show me his plans for our friendship!

Hind-side, Gerard is gonna get his answer from the Rector Formation Priests about his acceptance into Seminary either end of this year or early next year. It is August in 2 days time. I am a little apprehensive, and afraid. It’s a great sacrifice that we both have chosen for the good of each other. It’s an experience I will never be able to forget, and always will be a part of my memory. I thank him sincerely for loving me, choosing to let me go earlier so I wouldn’t grow deeper in pain. It always kill him to think about the choice he has made, for us, for his future and family too. Nevertheless, when I do have my fiance someday, and my babies. I will tell them these 2 great Man’s in my life. How they have impacted and changed my life. They have helped me to become a better woman, a more loving and wifey material. 


Thank you Jesus!


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