I stumbled upon today’s WORD AMOUNG US reading, 12 July Thursday 2012

It speaks greatly reminding us of the Father’s love. I remembered about WE CHOSE TO CELEBRATE LIFE TOGETHER

I realised that I need not worry about the outcome of our friendship nor to fret much about it. Because GOD IS ABLE. Everything is going according to what he has planned.

Of course as the time of us spending together each week accumulates. It does scare me, WHAT IF. WHAT IF THIS. WHAT IF THAT. Beneath my breath, there’s an underlying fear. What if our friendship just stops here? What if he does not want to meet with me again? What if he just had enough of me? What if he will never ever see me in that light? WHAT IFs. 

I don’t know how much can I speak to him openly about. I don’t know would our friendship go? Everything feels so surreal.I will be seeing him tomorrow for Friday Growth. I guess , I don’t know what I should or should not say. I feel as though I just would want to walk away for a little while. Exiting of this current happenings, and what is about to happen. 

Tuesday, he volunteered to come down to spend some time helping me out with my CV , Portfolio for my Stage Managing Interview. Which I have postponed. Knowing that it was quite far to Tampines, he came all the way and spent the time helping me out. Claiming that it is for ME! that he came. Ah okay. My portfolio was looking pretty! And I managed to get it out on time! Yet, without asking he still came on his own accord. I am grateful




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